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This two page “article” was written by a woman recently diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder Type II.  It’s a vivid description of sinking into mental illness from “the inside”.  It’s fantastic and important.  Why? Firstly, she’s coherent and able to succinctly describe her experiences and state of mind.  Secondly, she is able to describe what “being bipolar” is like, and she can describe how she feels after she found the right medication in the context of a strong support system.  Why should we care? Well, read this article and imagine an 11 year-old child enduring what she describes.  There is a huge waiting list in pediatric mental health facilities.  Can you imagine being the parent of a child enduring something akin to what this woman describes? The healthcare system isn’t equipped to care for children and adults suffering with mental illness in the large numbers that exist today.  By the way, she’s right about the high mortality rate of bipolar disorder sufferers; they die by suicide.

That’s why this article is important.  The more we understand mental illness, the better we can support and help the mentally ill ,thus, preventing needless deaths.  And, yes, that goes for depression and anxiety, too.  Depression isn’t just “feeling blue”, and anxiety isn’t just a “case of the nerves”.  It’s time that the human brain gets the attention it deserves, don’t you think?

On Falling Apart by Sady


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