Yet Another Diagnosis

We’re on the merry-go-round of assessments, and everyone has an opinion, I guess.  So, here’s the skinny:

As I recounted, Grace had her MRI on Saturday.  Check.  Dr. Nacho lectured us about preventing migraines.  Check.  I took Grace to see Dr. Awesome, one of the most well-respected pediatric psychiatrists in the state.  She oversees a program at the local mega-versity called AHEAD (or “A HEAD ” which is just weird since it deals with psychiatric issues) which screens for early indicators of schizophrenic and psychotic mood disorders.  Grace was supposed to go to the AHEAD program on Halloween for her First Psychotic Episode assessment, but we already had an appointment with Dr. Awesome last Tuesday which we’d scheduled last August.  I jumped on it.

Dr. Awesome informed me in her office that Grace had a “schizophrenic spectrum disorder”.  She suggested treatment with atypical antipsychotics (Grace just started Abilify yesterday) and day treatment.  Grace is currently psychotic, and, therefore, oblivious.  I, however, was numb.  Well, today, Dr. Awesome’s dictated report was faxed to Grace’s primary psychiatrist–Dr. Foxy. (I know, I know.  I’ve given them all interesting names.)  I was notified immediately when the report arrived.

“Did Dr. Awesome’s report arrive at your house yet?”

“No.  What does it say?”

“Well…Dr. Awesome has diagnosed Grace with…Get ready for this…A Major Depressive Disorder, Bipolar Disorder, and Schizoaffective Disorder with instructions to follow her for emerging schizophrenia.”

“Uh…she just told me that she was on the schizophrenia spectrum.  Schizoaffective Disorder falls on the schizophrenia spectrum.”

“Yeah, it does.”

“So, we didn’t lose the bipolar diagnosis? She’s still bipolar?”


“And she’s still got that major depressive disorder, too? I mean, in addition to the other major mood disorders?”


“Damn.  How many brains can my kid fit into her little head? How can one child be bipolar, majorly depressed, and land on the schizophrenia spectrum?”

So, what sort of tagline do I put on my blog now? I mean…damn.


9 thoughts on “Yet Another Diagnosis

  1. You’ve had a heck of a ride, haven’t you?
    BTW, for some reason my comments aren’t visible at the moment. I hope you’re getting them; I’m almost through your entire blog!

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