Good News

“I reject your reality and substitute my own.”–the emerging motto in my house as of late

Grace is being admitted into a partial hospitalization day treatment program! The program lasts from 6 to 8 weeks, and her care team will consist of a social worker, a nurse, a therapist, and a pediatric psychiatrist.  The school district is responsible for transporting her there and back, and she’ll even get two hours of schooling a day.  This feels like a miracle to me.  Grace has been home for three weeks, completely incapacitated by her illness–hallucinating and out of touch with reality.  She’s currently too afraid to sleep in her own bedroom so she sleeps on the couch at night.

During the needs assessment, we were asked all sorts of questions.  My two favorites were:

“Is Grace currently experiencing any anxiety?”

“Uh…well, there are three men and a creepy lady following her everywhere.  She’s anxious, yes.”


“Has Grace been moody?”


“Besides the mania, the depression, and the paranoia?”

“What other moods might you have in mind?”

(All of us looking at each other in silence.  Laughter ensuing.)

“I’m sorry.  This is a form.  These are ridiculous questions.”

She begins the program on Tuesday morning.  Now, I must contact the school district and arrange for her transportation.  Let the games begin…


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