Gray Matters

This is an article worth reading.  I recommend it because it sheds light on the complexities of the role of government, schools, the healthcare system, and the mentally ill.  There was a comment made on my last post regarding entitled parents who essentially muddy the waters for the rest of us with legitimate needs.  My business partner and I discuss this issue, and it is a reality.  It’s not the foremost problem, however, when the system is fundamentally flawed.  The entitled parents are like the side shows at the circus–a red herring.  If you want to know who might be in the Big Top, then you have to look into the three rings.  For that, I’ll let former mayor and six-term legislator Paul Gionfriddo be the Ringmaster.  This article originally appeared in Health Affairs and was republished by the Washington Post.  For more information about Mr. Gionfriddo, you can find him on his blog which, admittedly, I have not read.

My son is schizophrenic. The ‘reforms’ that I worked for have worsened his life.


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