Dumb Ways to Die

Melbourne, Australia’s Metro Trains’ latest safety campaign has gone viral.  They hired a local artist to sing this little ditty which will most certainly become an earworm, and they added a much needed dose of humor to the serious topic of “Pay attention around trains, stupid, or you just might die a horrible death!”  They’ve pulled it off magnificently! The song is brilliant, the animation is, dare I say, morbidly cute, and I got the message.  Every time I stand around a train, I will now be singing, “Dumb ways to die…

What I really like about this viral video campaign is that it’s wonderful for children with cognitive impairments, mental health issues, and autism spectrum disorders, too.  It’s an easy song to learn and sing, and I could easily sing this song when I’m trying to get a child to hold my hand in a parking lot.  It might sound like a morbid song to sing to a child, but, if you’ve ever spent time with a child on the autism spectrum prone to running into traffic, then you’ll know how quirky their sense of humor can be.

Dumb Ways to Die“….If only for your entertainment.


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