On Lithium


Grace: Would you play cards with me?

Me: Sure!

Eadaoin (14 year-old sister): Ooh, I wanna play, too!

Grace: Okay!

Me: What are we playing?

Grace: Egyptian War…

Me: Egyptian Wart? Wha….?

Grace: NO! Egyptian WARRRRRR! Not wart! Eeeew!

Me: OOoooOOOh, well, that makes more sense.

Grace: I’m hungry.  Eadaoin, will you shuffle the deck while I make some toast?

Eadaoin: Sure!

Grace: (pausing as if to process her thoughts…Eadaoin taking the deck of cards out of Grace’s hands) Hey! Don’t take those cards away from me! What are you doing?

Eadaoin: Uh…you asked me to shuffle them? Why are you mad?

Grace: What? I asked you…huh?

Me: Grace? Are you okay?

Grace: (looking confused) Where’s my toast?

Me: You were going to make yourself some.

Grace: I asked you to make it.

Me: No, you said you were going to make it.

Grace: I did?

Me: Yes…

Grace: I’m not hungry.  I don’t want anything.  I’m going to bed.  I’m leaving…

This is Grace on Lithium.  Her mood is much more stable now, but now she’s…uh…hmmm.  What can I say? She’s stereotypically schizophrenic now.  It’s weird.  Really, really weird.  It’s an improvement, right? At least she’s not trying to stab herself now.


8 thoughts on “On Lithium

  1. Oh dear. Improvement, yes…but…huh. I can imagine how frustrating it would be for her…like her thoughts are balloons with strings, and sometimes she’s holding on to them, and other times she switches hands and sometimes she lets go, but they stay in reach. Oy.

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