Avengers Underwear and Doctor Who

I can’t help myself.  I have to finish the story.

I took Doireann out for her new bras last night as promised, and it went just as I predicted.  She stood in the middle of the section and proclaimed, “Good grief! What’s with all the lace? And the pink? And the…flowers? Yuck!”   I laughed and said, “Would you prefer barbed wire and leather studs?” She snorted, “Well, that would be better than this!

As it turns out she has now surpassed my cup size.  “I wear a bigger bra than you?”  I could only answer with a sigh and an inward pout.  I never was destined to be the buxom beauty.  I’m not sure where these girls are getting their busts from, but it’s not from me! Doireann made puking noises when trying on the flowery patterned bras, BUT I succeeded in finding her some very comfortable bras to which she admitted, “This is so comfortable! So this is what a good bra is supposed to feel like.  I’ll wear this, but I’m not telling anyone that it’s periwinkle with tiny flowers on it.

I compromised by buying her Avengers underwear which pleased her to no end.

When we arrived home with her new underwear she promptly marched over to Eadaoin and proudly announced, “I wear a bigger bra than you! Ha!” Oh, so she does get it after all! They are playing Who Has The Bigger Boobs! Eadaoin stared at Doireann’s chest and then looked her in the eye and said, “Whatever.  I’m already a B cup.  I’ll be a D cup before I’m done.  You’re already 16.  I’m still 14.”  Doireaan looked a little uncertain, grabbed her stuff, and retreated.

Grace and Milly stood by watching their older sisters spar like they were watching a match at Wimbledon.  Milly immediately declared, “I’m never wearing a bra! I bet they itch.”  Spoken like a true Aspie.  Grace whispered, “I think I see the men again…” I just shook my head and shepherded Grace into a hot bath.  Stress seems to bring about hallucinations for her.

An hour later, Doireann found me and quietly admitted, “I love my new bras.  Thank you.  They are so comfortable.  Do you remember that scene when Cassandra took over Doctor Who’s body?”  I did.  “Well, that’s how I felt when I put on one of those bras for the first time.  Now I know why you wear good bras.  I get it now.”

This is how Doireann felt when trying on a comfortable bra for the first time:

What’d I tell you? She does indeed have a flair for the dramatic, and I think my husband needs to come home soon.  We desperately need some male energy around here!


7 thoughts on “Avengers Underwear and Doctor Who

  1. According to my mother, boobs come from the father’s side (his mom)…wich is why mine were bigger than hers, at 14. And baldness comes from the mother’s father, not that that comes into play with 4 girls…
    In any case, Eadaoin’s defense against Doireann was brilliant!! You’re a great momma 🙂

    • Well, that’s really interesting. My husband is adopted so we’ll never know! Maybe my husband’s birth mother had a rack! My father’s mother, however, was a tiny bird-like woman with no cleavage to speak of. I don’t have Avian Bone Syndrome as she did (ow! 30 Rock reference), but I don’t have my mother’s build either. My mother is zaftig and uber-buxom with DDs. Yes, Eadaoin was locked and loaded! I think she was just waiting to fire away. The opportunity just had to present itself. 😉

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