Almost Perfect

It was recommended that I take a computer break on Spring Break, but I am documenting our holiday with photographs.  What can I say? I’m a writer by nature.  We are currently lazing about in a rather spectacular cabin after gallivanting about town all morning, and I’m listening to Joshua Bell play “O mio babbino caro” which is about to send me into a pleasure coma.


Our cabin

The view from where I sit at this moment is rather awe-inspiring.  The ice is breaking apart and has formed what looks like a blue and white patchwork quilt, undulating upon the waves.


The view

These cabins are perched directly upon the rocks…


Another view

This morning we found an independent café while waiting for an antique store to open.  They were roasting their own beans, cute hipsters snuggled up in the corners, and the dude behind the counter was ever so charming.  Doireann ordered the White Chocolate Mocha.  Charming Dude told us to take a seat; he would bring us our beverages tout de suite.  We wondered what was taking so long.  This is why…


White Chocolate Mocha…and, yeah, it tasted as good as it looks

Doireann sucked down her coffee in five minutes and said, “We are coming back here tomorrow morning right? This is the best coffee I’ve ever had! Plus, you know, it’s art!” I ordered the Café Miel…


My Café Miel…it’s food porn

Doireann was right.  It was the best coffee I’ve ever had not to mention a pure pleasure to behold.  Grace drank her hot chocolate before I could photograph it, but it was probably the most beautiful.  We felt kissed by the Divine in some way, blessed by beauty in the midst of the mundane.  That is what our entire day has been like.  We ventured forth into little shops, chatted with shopkeepers, and everyone has extended kindness upon kindness to us.  One woman even let each of my girls pick a piece of beach glass with a word etched upon it as a reminder of who they are.  Grace picked a piece of blue beach glass with the word ‘courage’ written upon it.  She said that she really needs that.

And here we are now, in our very temporary but beautiful home away from home enjoying Divine kisses, blue ice, and food that looks like art.  I couldn’t have planned a better holiday.  If only my husband were here.  Then it would be perfect.


6 thoughts on “Almost Perfect

  1. Isn’t it wonderful to be so touched? I’m so glad you’re enjoying your time away and hope tomorrow is filled withe even more beauty and delight.

    • We finally slept well! I feel like a sloth, but we are, of course, headed out of for more artsy coffee anon. Although I have to rouse the teens first…

    • Oh, posting that blog was probably the most relaxing thing I did yesterday. Between the Adventuretime episodes, the bickering, and being climbed on by my 9 year-old…it was a lovely time for me to SIT and enjoy the view whilst everyone took a break of their own. Blogging is very relaxing for me.

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