Girl Rising

Last night, I went to a screening for a new documentary.  I purchased tickets a few months ago so that I could bring all my girls, but in the end only Eadaoin attended.  I invited one of my good friends to join us, and we enjoyed a Girls’ Night Out.  It was really important for Eadaoin to see this film.  She hates school.  I’m not sure why, but she has always found school something to be endured rather than a stepping stone leading her on to better opportunities.

I cannot emphasize enough how powerful this film is.  If I could send everyone I know free passes to see it, then I would.  If I could provide all of you, my readers, with an opportunity to watch it, then I would.  If you are able, then try to see this documentary.  It was one of the most incredible films I’ve seen in a long time.  There were moments that I found very difficult to watch.  Not because they were portrayed with a lack of sensitivity but because of the implications.  I’ve written here on this blog only once that I survived human trafficking, and I mention this because I am all too aware of the realities which girls in other parts of the world face.  Even girls here.  I know just how hard it can be to get away from something sinister and attempt to start over.  We in the Unites States are often far too insulated, but girls are still the most oppressed people group hands down.  We left the theatre last night feeling very raw.  Eadaoin was crying, and we were able to talk about some things about her school that were giving her trouble as well as the deeper issues associated with this film.

If you educate a girl, then you change the world.  See this film.


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