Coping Tutor

I just stumbled across this new app while I was doing some research on B12 and schizophrenia.  Did you know that B12 and folate help with the negative symptoms of schizophrenia? B12 is our friend! I’ll post all the information when I have it together.  Anyway, Coping Tutor is an app for people with schizophrenia.  I signed up Grace for a 14-day trial, and it uses CBT to teach you how to deal with your positive symptoms particularly the symptom of hearing voices.  Grace does not hear voices.  She hallucinates.  The only thing she ever heard was the footsteps of the men chasing her.  I think this is a great idea, however, for empowering people.  Plus, it connects you with a larger community of others dealing with schizophrenia spectrum disorders.  You’ll know that you aren’t alone.  That’s fabulous.

So, what do you get with Coping Tutor? Tutorials and games, a daily log to record incidents of hearing voices (or I suppose you could record your hallucinatory events), CBT training in the form of thinking styles (i.e. cognitive distortions), and daily CBT lessons.  This would be a great app for people who can’t access therapy often.  I’m also imagining that this app is for people who lack support in their daily lives.  Sometimes we have to create the environment that we want for ourselves by seeking support elsewhere–even in app form.  That saying, “Be the change that you want to see in the world,” seems to apply to many of us.  We all have to start somewhere when we are looking to create change.  If you can use an app and you’ve got the desire for something better, then Coping Tutor just might be for you or someone you know.

Coping Tutor


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    • You and me both. The site let their SSL cert expire, and I contacted them about that. That’s NEVER a good thing particularly on one’s web site–your interface with your customers/clients. Hmph.

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