Great Expectations

You all know about Snowbell the Terrible by now.  I could describe how entitled she is.  I am chronically sleep deprived due to her midnight antics.  She terrorizes us 24/7.  She compulsively scratches on smooth surfaces.  She stands on my shoulders whenever she feels like it.  She has utterly destroyed my furniture.  I’m ashamed to have guests over.  Well, last night, she tried to charm us out of our chicken dinner, and Doireann caught it all with her Smartphone.  I must say, I felt sadistic amusement in ignoring her pleas and watching her pout.  She’s very expressive not to mention she’s built like a weasel.  Her back legs are ridiculously short, and I tell her this daily.

Great Expectations: A Pictorial Essay



Snowbell angry

I gave her a scrap of chicken after dinner.

She didn’t wake me up last night.


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