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I’ve come across a blog in another sphere of the blogosphere.  Blogspot.  How does a WordPress blog reblog a Blogspot post? I don’t think it can.  So, you’ll have to just leave the Land of WordPress and venture forth, but it’s worth it.  I promise.  The blog is called Evolutionary Psychiatry, and its owner is Dr. Emily Deans, a Massachusetts psychiatrist.  She writes about all sorts of topics so search her blog for whatever tickles your fancy, but it’s this particular post on gluten and schizophrenia that I would like you all to read.  There is a link particularly if you have the genetics.

Celiac disease and schizophrenia share a few common genes, and there is evidence that going gluten-free can help.  I have celiac disease.  All my kids are gluten-free.  Doireann, my oldest daughter, started getting sick when she was about 11 years-old.  She told me that she felt like an old man in a girl’s body.  She had terrible growing pains in her arms and legs.  She was exhausted all the time.  She had headaches.  She had brain fog.  This was exactly how I felt when I was her age.  When she was a much younger child she had what looked like IBS mixed with bouts of constipation.  Same as me.  After I was diagnosed, I finally put two and two together.  I told her to give me just six weeks.  Six weeks of a gluten-free diet.  If she didn’t feel any better, then she could have her wheat back.  She felt better in a week.  She felt a lot better in two weeks.  After a month she said she was never eating gluten again, and at 17 years-old she won’t touch gluten with a pinky finger.  After that, it was easy.  The household went GF except for my husband.  No gluten comes into the house, but he still eats the stuff when he’s out with clients.  Yeah, he pays for it.  Why won’t he just bite the bullet? Because stubborn Texan male, that’s why.

Anyway, Dr. Deans wrote a good post simply called “Wheat and Schizophrenia”.  It’s not too long, and it’s worthwhile particularly if you have someone in your life struggling with a schizophrenia spectrum disorder and you have not changed your diet.  There is compelling evidence that you should at the very least give it a go.

If you really want to read something fascinating about psychosis and diet, then read her post, “B12 Deficiency and Psychosis, A Case Study”.  Raise your hand if you want to be on the receiving hand on the Schilling Test? Any takers?



6 thoughts on “Go Read This

    • You bet!! I am always so thrilled to find new resources and probably compulsive about sharing it. Thank God for the Internet! I hope you find it helpful

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