A Little Nonsense Now and Then

I have had one helluva time coming off the prednisone.  Yesterday was Day 2 off the drug, and it was my low point.  I should have just cancelled the day and stayed in bed.  Oh the pain and fatigue.  I gave the day my best shot, but I was bested.  I was in bed at 6 PM shaking, sweating, and nauseous.  Prednisone withdrawal is a nasty business.

When I don’t feel well or one of the girls is under the weather in some way, we amp up the humor.  I spent the evening watching “Parks and Recreation” on my laptop and laughing uproariously.  I highly recommend it.  Doireann crawled into bed with me as is her habit with her Smartphone and said, “Wanna see some kitty pics?” She always saves the best cat photos that she finds on Tumblr to show me, usually at 7 o’clock in the morning.  I have no idea why she waits until the morning.  This time, however, she showed me her collection in the evening.

“So, there are all these amazing photos of firemen rescuing these cats from burning buildings.”  I immediately cooed with anticipation.

“Check this one out, Mom.”


We both patted our chests simultaneously looking at this poor kitty gripped with such fear.

“Look at this one, Mom!”



“Oh, they’re having a moment! Look at how they look at each other! It’s so sweet!”



“Oh, it’s just a wee thing! Aaaaw, it’s so cute! Do you think it belongs to someone? Poor kitten…”



“Oh, and this one needs oxygen! Oh, these firemen are so kind!”

And then there was this one…





“Good God!”

And that’s all it took.  I couldn’t stop laughing. I know that cat was scared, but it looked like a maniacal super-villian compared to all those other cats.  And the expression on the face of the fireman? What’s he thinking? “Thank God I caught him, the bastard.” I just couldn’t help it.  Doireann was laughing, too.  And you know what? I have laughed about it all day long today.  Off and on, I’ve just laughed about this stupid cat picture! It’s a meme on Tumblr! I was even laughing about it in the bathroom today which my entire family could hear.  Funnily enough, this caused them to start laughing.  At me, of course, but laughter is laughter.  Eadaoin shouted out, “Are you laughing at the cat picture again?” I shouted back, “Yes!” Someone yelled while laughing, “Mom, you are so weird!” Maybe, but they were laughing!

I thought that since it made me laugh so hard last night and today, thusly, relieving my distress, I might share it with all of you.  Perhaps you’ll think it’s inane and silly or even weird, but perhaps you’ll laugh, too.

Silliness is good.  Laughter is even better.

***I give credit to (Tah the) Trickster Tales of Tumblr for compiling these photos that led my daughter to show them to me last night.  It gave us great joy.  Apparently, I’m still enjoying myself.



2 thoughts on “A Little Nonsense Now and Then

  1. Glad it made you feel better.
    I was unwrapping a mini chocolate Lindt egg to pop in my mouth when I go to that last photo – it caught me off-guard and I fully laugh-drooled.

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