As The SPED Turns

Well, I’ve never seen it happen, and I’ve never heard of it happening.  Alas, it seems that it does.  The woman from Eadaoin’s school who phoned me this week regarding Eadaoin’s 504 plan, the new special education person (the SPED person), called me again except that she wasn’t her brazen, stubborn self.

She was different.  She was almost crying.

I don’t know if I shared that this woman hung up on me during our first and only phone call.  She’s new to the department although she isn’t new to special education (SPED).  She had an agenda when the phone call started.  If that’s how a SPED person is going to operate, then I’ll shift from parent to advocate.  I can be cooperative.  I can be very amiable, empathetic, and kind.  Act like an ass who doesn’t care about vulnerable youth? Treat kids like numbers? Indicate that you don’t know IDEA 2004 or the Federal Registry from a hole in the ground? I’ll play hard ball.  This is why she hung up on me.  I didn’t empathize with her constant complaint that she was new.  So? You haven’t done your job.  You aren’t listening.  You don’t understand the difference between a 504 plan, an LD-IEP, an EBD-IEP, and an OHI-IEP.  SPED people like this do an immense amount of damage because they have more power than parents and often know less.

It seems that something happened after this woman hung up on me.  She was adamant that Eadaoin was to be put on a 504 plan because of the neuropsychologist’s language in the neuropsychological documentation.  She didn’t have any concept of what an Other Health Impairment IEP was (OHI-IEP).  She called me yesterday with a brand new story.  It went something like this:

“Hi.  Uh…so…the 504 plan is off the table.  The school doesn’t want that.  They want Eadaoin on an IEP as soon as possible receiving as many accommodations as possible, and they want her getting supports around math.  I went back and read the report.  It was a really thorough report.  They did some really in-depth evaluations.  You were right.  We don’t need to evaluate her for anything here.  We just need to observe her.  And then we’ll move forward with getting that IEP going.  So, do you get that? The 504 plan is off the table.  They want her having services.”

My mouth was hanging open.  She sounded like she was going to cry.  I started to feel empathy until she said this:

“I guess I have to get this done in something like thirty days once the prior written notice is signed.  So, I’ll do my best to try to meet that requirement.”

What?! That is the f**king law! She’ll do her best to fall within the requirements of the law? Is she brand new to SPED? She got a little snurpy on the phone when I told her that she was required by law to complete the IEP evaluation at the end of 30 days.

So, there it is.  I don’t know how it will end, but, apparently, it can happen! Schools can and do override a SPED representative.  We’ll see how this drama plays out.

Will Eadaoin end up with an IEP or a 504 plan?

Will Vajessica’s evil twin stop trying to kill her in order to steal her husband?

Will Carlyle and Jeff tell their wives that they are, in fact, sleeping with each other?

Will Carlyle and Jeff’s wives tell them that they already know and don’t care because they, too, are lesbian lovers?

All this and more in…”As The SPED Turns”.  Or, at least, that’s what it feels like.



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